Full Brain Activation Yantra

Full Brain Activation Yantra

This Yantra transmits very high vibrations for balancing and healing the brain and the entire nervous system, by connecting to a special cosmic vortex. These vibrations from yantra, first schematically scan and remove the negative emotions and stress from the body, and then activate and energize the nervous system.

Long term use of this yantra certainly helps in increasing neuroplasticity, cogintive development, and emotional intelligence.

This yantra can be used for charging food and water, One can connect with this yantra by touching it, and can receive bountiful blessings by sending energy to the yantra.

Details of how to use the yantra is will be available along with the yantra.

Sanmarga Supramental Yantra contains the consciousness of Siddha Guru Atmanandaji locked in it using ancient Lumerian crystal, So treat this Yantra with utmost respect and never copy as they will loose their healing power once copied.

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